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Special Occasion DVDs
Got a Special Occasion coming up like a Big Birthday, Wedding, event etc we can put videos, photos together with Music, Effects and Text to create a DVD that can be played at the venue or as a great gift.


Prices Starting from $50 for very basic DVD running time of 5 - 10 mins, cost will vary depending on how much video, photos, Music or editing. There will be extra cost for this DVD package.

Extra Charges below if Required 
More Video: Charged at $5.00 For Every 5 mins of video 
More Photos: $1.00 per photo
More music Tracks: $1.00 Per Music Track  
Require more Editing: $25.00for Every additional hour.  

Basic Starter DVD Video Package:$120
This basic DVD package includes: 

  •  Up to 1/2 hour of video per project
  •  Max of 12 photos per project (5 sec duration each photo)  
  •  Max of 4 music tracks per project
  •  Up to 2 hours of editing entire project
  •  Glossy Color DVD insert with pictures & Disc printing.

 Please Contact for more information regarding this service to
 see what you need. View the Contact Us page. 

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